For almost 40 years, Mark has developed, owned and operated businesses in the Lifestyle sector; ranging from music to nighttime entertainment (live music and dance-driven), themed attractions, sports and culture, and education.
Mark owned the world’s largest nightclub chain (Juliana’s) and the world’s most profitable nightclub, in Tokyo. His work has spanned much of the globe, Working in collaboration with both the private and public sectors.
Mark’s Pocket Planet is a new leisure attraction for which the media and digital channels will be brought to life through Premier Mission.
An MBA in Finance and years of engaging with investors and lenders for projects ranging from £1m up to £3 billion (Singapore casino license) bring Mark to the forefront of all the deals and projects he drives – and with Premier Mission his task is to fuel the company for exponential growth, strong and recurring profit and the timely exploitation of a suitable capital market (Likely London).