Legends of Fashion will bring the world’s top catwalk models, designers and fashion icons to celebrate all aspects of 100 years of fashion; from cars to watches to handbags to dresses  Full Stop

Working together with world-renowned fashion curators and creative directors, as well as top editors and creatives from publishers such as Condé Nast, Victoria and Albert Museum, Parson’s and Central St Martins; Legends of Fashion will highlight the global  legends and icons of the fashion industry, within a retrospective exhibit whilst creating a wider platform of events, emerging designers and pioneers of the fashion industry today.

Legends of Fashion is a unique project celebrating the global fashion industry while bringing expertise, publicity and investment to the sector locally, fostering talent and driving industry growth and interest  Full Stop

Celebrating 100 years of diverse global fashion this will be a spectacular and unique series of events to entertain, inform and educate guests but also to empower local aspiring designers and entrepreneurs to become pioneers of their industry and legends in their own right.


Legends of Fashion will catwalk and style classic pieces from each era across 100 years. The show will be presented in a space, allowing guests to experience an exclusive showcase of the world’s most extravagant fashion exhibition.

The show will be framed and supported by stills, illustrations, footage of the models and creatives, stylists and photographers talking about their inspiration, as well as an incredible choreographed show.


Legends of Fashion will host a celebrity studded costumed Gala Event showcasing 100 years in fashion from around the globe.

Building a global profile demands global attention. Whether fashion is art is a constant source of debate, but what is indisputable is that the fashion and art industries are inexorably linked, from film stars to fine art, fashion and culture go hand in hand. An iconic, landmark event is the ideal format to promote fashion and culture.


Educational and innovative, the Legends of Fashion exhibit will be showcased in an immersive environment utilising cutting-edge interactive technologies, unique imagery and historic footage; bringing history to life whilst exploring the detailed development of fashion throughout the last hundred years; creating a platform from which to explore the possibilities of the future of fashion.

The world’s most extravagant fashion exhibition.