E Visa launch Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Working with Imagination London California and Dubai offices, we created a multi-sensory experience and spectacular show to launch the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) tourist E-visas scheme – enabling citizens of approximately 50 countries to travel to the Kingdom for tourism.

UNESCO World Heritage site, Ad Diriyah, Riyadh, was chosen as the site for the bespoke experience for an audience of 400 VVIPs, media, influencers as well as a live TV and on-line audience across the Kingdom, the GCC countries, and beyond. The event also saw the unveiling of the ‘Saudi: Welcome to Arabia’ tourism positioning.


Guests were treated to a culinary journey of typical Saudi dishes from the north, south, west and east of the country with a contemporary twist – all set to a backdrop of stunning animated scenery from around the country. The entire experience was set in an immersive 360 environment, which served as an epic canvas for the stunning footage, captured on an 11k 360 drone camera, from around the diverse regions of KSA. Our Team Created a pixel streaming augmented reality experience powered by 5G, in collaboration with Zain, featuring a virtual bird that joined guests in the room before embarking on an extraordinary journey around KSA. A powerful immersive theatre experience was brought to life by a cast of 150 actors and musicians, culminating in a procession of children carrying national flags representing eligible countries.