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NFT Production

Kell Brook - Khan vs Brook

Premier Mission is at the leading edge of the NFT revolution having entered the ecosystem toward the end of 2020. We saw early on the opportunity for talent and brands to benefit from a new revenue stream.

Producing and monetising content has been at the forefront of our business long before NFTs so it was a natural fit for our business. We formed a partnership with an expert technical team who are highly skilled in Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, e-commerce, and fan/user experience journeys, and our team has become enterprise partners to an NFT platform owned by top-level blockchain companies and leading the way in fan experiences through NFTs.

When we say we’re at the leading edge we back it up! Working with British Boxing icon Kell Brook, Premier Mission produced the first-ever live-event NFT project in history with partners DaVinci, an NFT platform built and owned in a joint venture between CERE Network and Polygon.

For the first time ever, boxing fans had a true interactive experience through NFTs allowing them to pick their NFT based on potential outcomes of the highly anticipated grudge fight Kell Brook and Amir Khan that was reportedly received the highest number of Pay Per View viewers in 15 years outside of heavyweight boxing.

Kell Brook NFT Khan vs Brook Manchester
NFT Production - Premier Mission



We understand that the NFT space is very new and can be quite confusing, our experienced team can walk you through the real opportunity beyond what you read in the media.

All the questions you have, we had. We’ve worked with our team to ensure that we can put minds at ease and take any doubt out of the process.

We’ll gladly meet with you to go through the process, help you understand the space, and most importantly, leave you with a clear understanding of how you and your brand can best utilise NFTs in alignment with your brand vision and business goals for the long term.

West Central Studios - Premier Mission



Production is our bread and butter! We have every tool necessary to help you not only create your NFT assets, but also to grow the brand and market that brand of NFTs. We’ve worked with some of the greatest creators in the world, therefore, giving us a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

We are enthusiastic watchers of the NFT space allowing us to stay on top of trends in this rapidly moving environment. We also have vast live-event experience meaning we’re ideally positioned to help Talent & Brand to bring the real world and Web3 world together for unique fan/consumer experiences.

NFT Production



We work with popular talent and prestigious brands and that requires a service to the highest standard. We provide a white gloves service from concept to delivery, meaning if you want as little hands-on involvement as possible then we welcome that.

A successful NFT campaign is a collaborative effort between the Intellectual Property rights owner, the producers, and the platform, but we will gladly take the load onto our shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.